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                           ARAID 3500

The ARAID 3500 SATA2 system is an independent Raid system. You do not need any drivers for installation. You only need two 5.25" free slots in your system and at least two 3.5" hard disks.The Raid 1 function prevents data loss due to various hard disk errors. With the use of an additional hard disk frame with a hard disk, you can create a backup and effectively ward off even a virus or ransomware attack.
Your system can be up and running again within minutes with an ARAID 3500 backup. ARAID systems have therefore been used 24/7 in the industry for over 20 years.


Advantage of a additional frame:

. ARAID 3500 SATA2                              299,-- EUR/pcs
from 1 pcs
. Additional frame for ARAID 3500        59.-- EUR/pcs

Additional frame for the additional backup solution.
Create an additional hard disk copy that you keep in a safe place and away from the productive system. With this method, you can restart your system after a few minutes even after a fatal ransomware attack. With the ARAID 3500 systems, you can always continue working directly with each mirrored hard disk. An important advantage for many productive systems. A restore via network or cloud solutions takes several hours, even with smaller data sets, which can be very expensive for many productive systems. Whether you are looking for a reliable backup option for your customers or need a failover for your own systems, with the ARAID 3500 systems, you are doing yourself and your customers a great favour.

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