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DR-100 DR-100 - "ON" DR-100 build-in heater will heat up the water mist on Natrium particle (Absorbent) to moisture and carry out by cooler fan.
- "OFF" the water moisture inside the computer case will be absorbed by Natrium particle as mist on it.
FC200 FC200 Server-System Cooler
SCSI port
Air Flow: 32 CFM
MC-100 MC-100 Monitor cooling
PRGE001 PRGE001 Chassis Fan
80mm x 80mm x 25mm
12V 4pin Connector
PRGE301 PRGE301 Chassis Fan
80mm x 80mm x 25mm
3pin Connector
ST-900 ST-900
TT-900 TT-900 Twin Turbo
Dual 9cm Fans / 80cfm
Fits in any 5.25" Bay
High Performance and Low Noise

Fans & Cooler